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About me

Since retiring from a life in the corporate world I have had the time to devote to my love of making silver jewellery and creating hand-sewn felt crafts.

Much of my jewellery is based on organic materials and shapes, such as shells, leaves and seed heads that I find when out walking. I use silver clay and, having made a mould, I push in the rolled clay to create an impression. Once dried, I file the clay to the desired shape and then fire it. During this step, the organic binder and water in the clay is burnt away, leaving 99% pure silver. Finally comes the polishing. No two pieces are ever identical, making them unique gifts for friends, family or even for yourself!

I also specialize in hand-sewing a wide range of felt gifts for all ages, ranging from rose garlands to hanging animal ornaments, children’s toys and Christmas stockings, with a wide range in between. I particularly enjoy giving my creations individual personalities!

I hope you have fun browsing the site and find just what you’re looking for.

Roz at BetsyLou Crafts

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